REACH Annex XVII: REACH Restricted Substance List 2023

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The Annex XVII of REACH regulation contains the list of restrictions of certain hazardous substances, mixtures and articles for their marketing and use on the European market. A restriction can apply to any substance on its own, in a mixture or in an article, including those that do not require registration. The list is often known as REACH restricted substances list or simply as REACH annex XVII.

Reminder: Since Switzerland is not a member of the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA), EU REACH regulation does not apply. Switzerland has its own restriction list. Please refer to Swiss Chemical Risk Reduction Ordinance (ORRChem) for more info. 

REACH Restricted Substance List 2023 (REACH Annex XVII)

Currently there are 77 valid entries on REACH Annex XVII (updated 2023).Each entry shows the substance or group of substances or the mixture, and the consequent restrictions conditions. Please note that entry 33, 39 and 42 have been deleted due to REACH updates and they are no longer valid.

The example below is entry 61 for Dimethylfumarate (DMF)  and entry 48 for toluene in REACH Annex XVII restricted substances list . The restriction conditions are listed as follows.

Substance Scope Limit
Dimethylfumarate (DMF) Articles or any parts of the articles <=0.1 mg/kg
Toluene Adhesives or spray paints intended for supply to the general public. <=0.1%w/w

Other restricted hazardous substances on REACH annex XVII include:

Some substances are literally banned by REACH annex XVII. These substances include Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCTs),asbestos fibres, pentachlorophenol and and its salts and esters, and  monomethyl-tetrachlorodiphenyl methane. Many of them are persistent organic pollutants (POPs). A complete list of banned persistent organic pollutants under the Stockholm Convention can be accessed here

Download REACH Restricted Substance List (REACH Annex XVII) in Excel Table

If you would like to download the latest list of REACH restricted substances in excel format, please click the picture below and choose "export results to CSV" at the right bottom of the table.

REACH Annex XVII restriction list

Important Notes:

Check out a good example of REACH Certificate of Compliance.

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