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Yordas Group  Sponsor

Chemical Notifications, EMS, Health and Safety Services, Sustainability & Product Stewardship, Research, Investigation and Analysis, Supply Chain Compliance

Location: United Kingdom

Nina Helme,  Marketing Executive

+44(0)1524 510278

Chemical Watch  Sponsor

Global chemical regulatory news, risk assessment news, AsiaHub+, BiocidesHub, global service provider guide, regulatory updates monitoring, training, webinars and conferences.

Location: Global

Mamta Patel,  CEO

+44 (0)1743 818 101


Toxicological risk assessment, PDE (ADI) derivation, OEL derivation, GHS classification, Impurity qualification, Extractable & Leachable assessment, Toxicology study review

Location: India

sebastian joseph

+91 9849346221

W.E. Train Consulting  

Multi-modal Dangerous Goods consulting, training, classifications, and auditing. Hazardous Materials transportation assistance.

Location: Global

Gene Sanders


EMREDE Asesores  

CHEMDOX, GHS, Classification, FDS-SDS and labelling consulting

Location: Mexico

Salomon Valdivia

+52 3312816566

Pigments.Consulting UG (haftungsbeschronkt)  

Food Contact Certificates

Location: Germany

Dr. Genter Etzrodt

0049 711 6404277

the SDS factory / de ViB fabriek  

Outsourcing, Software & Advice on SDSs and relevant legislation.

Location: Europe

Ivo Erens


Scymaris Ltd  

Scymaris provides ecotoxicology, environmental fate, plant metabolism and analytical chemistry GLP laboratory services to agrochemical, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors

Location: Global

Stephen Derrington

+44 1803 659170

Gustaaf Bos Consulting  

EU & national legislation CoE / EDQM resolutions concerning Food Contact Materials & Articles plus REACH.

Location: Belgim

Gustaaf Bos

+32 3 777 53 30

Yordas Hive  

Yordas Hive is a comprehensive chemicals management solution that works with your data to bring you exactly the information that you need to stay compliant.

Location: United Kingdom

Nina Helme


eska Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH  

dangerous goods consultancy, management of hazardous substances.

Location: Germany

Joachim Boenisch

+49 40 30 68 17 0

SOS Safety International Inc.  

Premier distributor of Industrial/Municipal safety supplies and services.

Location: United States

Max Thomas



EHS Due-diligence, Training, 14001, Safety Audit, Supply Chain, Sustainability, HAZOP, QRA, DMP, Safety Perception Survey, Fire Risk Management, Chemical Safety, BBS

Location: India

Saikat Basu

+91 9836085850


Global Safety Data Sheet and label authoring. Hazard Communication Program Audits. Workplace compliance auditing and training.

Location: United States

Atanu Das



Pre-clinical GLP testing, general toxicology, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, reproductive toxicity and safety pharmacology studies, REACH testing

Location: Spain

Lorena Ortega



Chemical Safety has a complete software for chemical management, SDS and GHS, Haz. Waste workplace safety and the best mobile apps for iOS, Android and Surface.

Location: Global

Tony Diamantidis


Gensuite LLC  

Affordable fixed cost maintenance services for turnkey new SDS version searches (by manufacturer), and system updates and email alerts on new SDS versions.

Location: United States

Nikhil Kumar


CE.way Regulatory Consultants Ltd. Ireland  

Testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services for the cosmetics industry.

Location: Europe

Tadej Feregott

353 01 437 0955

Doruk Chemical Management Systems  

Only Representative Services for Turkey Regulations like TurkREACH KKDIK , CLP, SDS, BPR etc. CSR assessment and SDS preparation by certified experts. Your partner in Turkey.

Location: Turkey

Selcuk Bilgin


ORR Corporation  

Since 1948, ORR Corporation has dedicated itself to protecting people, property, and the environment through its family of companies.

Location: North America

Zach Nelson


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