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Chemservice  Sponsor

Chemservice is a leading global consultancy to the chemical industry and its value chain, offering support i.a. in international chemical law, biocides compliance, GHS, CLP & SDS.

Location: Global

Dr. Dieter Drohmann,  CEO

+49 6241 95480 0

Lisam Systems Turkey  Sponsor

Only Representative and other services for KKDIK (Turkish REACH) , SEA (Turkish CLP) compliance, consultancy support, Turkish SDS authoring and compilation.

Location: Turkey

Bulent YILDIZ,  Branch Manager

+90 232 282 10 35

Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB  Sponsor

Global Regulatory Compliance Solutions - Compliance to REACH (EU, Korea, Turkey), Cosmetics Regulation, CLP, SDS, e-SDS Authoring & Translation, GLP Study, Substance Assessment.

Location: Global

Mr. Shisher Kumra,  Executive Director


CIRS Group Korea Co., Ltd  Sponsor

K-REACH/China Reach, global GHS compliance, biocides registration, cosmetics Regulation, medical device regulation and etc.

Location: South Korea

yiseul Kim,  senior consultant


Yordas Group  Sponsor

Chemical Notifications, EMS, Health and Safety Services, Sustainability & Product Stewardship, Research, Investigation and Analysis, Supply Chain Compliance

Location: United Kingdom

Nina Helme,  Marketing Executive

+44(0)1524 510278

Chemical Watch  Sponsor

Global chemical regulatory news, risk assessment news, AsiaHub+, BiocidesHub, global service provider guide, regulatory updates monitoring, training, webinars and conferences.

Location: Global

Mamta Patel,  CEO

+44 (0)1743 818 101


Analytical, Molecular & Microbiological laboratory services for Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Foodstuffs. 17025 & 9001 ISO accredited, GMP & GLP certified.

Location: Europe

Claire Tsitouri


Lisam Systems Turkey  

Only Representative services for KKDIK (Turkish REACH) , SEA (Turkish CLP) compliance, consultancy support, Turkish SDS compilation and authoring

Location: Turkey

Bulent Yildiz

+90 (232) 282 10 35

Innovolo Ltd  

Global product safety, Regulatory compliance systems, research and development, industrial design, product development consultancy, innovation management

Location: Global

Bradley Pallister

0333 011 1771


Laboratory testing services. Molecular, Physicochemical, Microbiological for Cosmetics, Disinfectants, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Food. QA, QC

Location: Europe

Claire Tsitouri


CRAD Cevre Risk An. A.S.  

OR services for KKDIK (Turkish REACH) , SEA (Turkish CLP) compliance, Registration of Biocidal products, consultancy support, Turkish SDS compilation,

Location: Turkey

Melih Babayigit



Our service includes.. SDS Authoring service, SDS update service. GHS Label Creation. Hazardous classification analysis

Location: India

G Samanta


AssurX, Inc  

The AssurX platform is a versatile system of software solutions for quality management and regulatory compliance. No other system is easier to deploy, configure and modify.

Location: United States

Tiffany Aliano



Harmonised Tariff Coding, controlled substance regulations, Ozone Depleting substances, dual use list substances, import/export

Location: Global

Joe Bradley


E3 Strategic Partners, LLC  

Global product safety, Regulatory compliance systems, SDS authoring, Workplace/consumer labels, GHS classification, DG transport advice, Training, Life-cycle stewardship.

Location: Global

Dr. Carol Clinton


Lion Technology  

Lion Technology provides regulatory compliance training and support with over 250 public classes, online courses, and webinars.

Location: United States

Jennifer Wark


Vivotecnia Research S.L.  

Complete battery of toxicological tests necessary for filing your registration dossier in accordance with REACH chemical testing requirements.

Location: Spain

Lorena Ortega

91 728 07 10


Toxicological risk assessment, PDE (ADI) derivation, OEL derivation, GHS classification, Impurity qualification, Extractable & Leachable assessment, Toxicology study review

Location: India

sebastian joseph

+91 9849346221

W.E. Train Consulting  

Multi-modal Dangerous Goods consulting, training, classifications, and auditing. Hazardous Materials transportation assistance.

Location: Global

Gene Sanders


EMREDE Asesores  

CHEMDOX, GHS, Classification, FDS-SDS and labelling consulting

Location: Mexico

Salomon Valdivia

+52 3312816566

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