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Class 8 Dangerous Goods Corrosive Substances

Little Pro on 2016-01-07

Class 8 dangerous goods are corrosive substances. There is no sub-division. Corrosive substances may cause severe damage when in contact with living tissue such as skin or damage or destroy surrounding materials in case of leakage.

Chemicals which are classified as skin corrosive category 1 under GHS usually belong to class 8 dangerous goods.

Skin irritation/corrosion category 1 (1A/1B/1C) - GHS Class 8 corrosive substances, Packing group I, II, III - TDG

Class 8 Dangerous Goods Examples

Commonly transported class 8 dangerous goods include acids such as sulfuric acid, strong bases such as sodium hydroxide, batteries and its fluids.

Class 8 Dangerous Goods Label

The picture below shows hazard symbols for Class 8 dangerous goods. More info about the marking and labelling of dangerous goods can be found here. Please note that the inner or single packagings of hazardous chemicals must follow GHS labelling requirements. 

class 8 dangerous goods

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