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Class 9 Dangerous Goods Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

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Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods are substances and articles which during transport present a danger or hazard not covered by other 8 classes. This class encompasses, but is not limited to, environmentally hazardous substances, substances that are transported at elevated temperatures, miscellaneous articles and substances, genetically modified organisms and micro-organisms and (depending on the method of transport) magnetized materials and aviation regulated substances.

Class 9 Dangerous Goods Examples

Commonly transported class 9 dangerous goods include marine pollutants such as zinc oxide, lithium ion batteries, genetically modified organisms, air bag modules and motor engines.

Class 9 Dangerous Goods Label

The picture below shows hazard symbols for Class 9 dangerous goods.

class 9 dangerous goods

It shall be noted that additional environmentally hazardous substance mark (dead fish) shall be put on outer package for class 9 dangerous goods assigned with UN 3077 and UN 3082. See example below for zinc oxide. More info about the marking and labelling of dangerous goods can be found here.

class 9 dangerous goods label

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