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The core elements of a GHS label include:

  • Product identifier: Chemical identities of a substance or hazardous ingredients in a mixture;
  • Supplier identification: The name, address and telephone number of a supplier;
  • Signal word: Danger or Warning;
  • Hazard pictogram: conveying different types of chemical hazards;
  • Hazard statements: standardized and assigned phrases that describe the hazard(s) as determined by hazard classification;
  • Precautionary statements: standardized phrases that describe measures to minimize or prevent adverse effects;

A sample GHS label can be found below:

GHS label sample

Please be noted that:

  • Some countries may require supplementary information on GHS labels (i.e. quantity, 24h emergency telephone number, expiration date, instruction for uses, etc.);
  • For a chemical classified with multiple hazards, there are precedence rules for signal word, pictogram and hazard statements;
  • In case of small containers and awkward packaging, some GHS label elements may be omitted(for example, China);
  • Many countries have set the minimum size requirement on a GHS label or a pictogram or even font size (A Comparison of GHS label size requirements 2015);
  • Some countries or regions have limited the number of precautionary statements to make a label more readable. For example, EU CLP labels.
  • A chemical product may be packaged in multi-layer packages in which case inner packages need to be labelled according to GHS while the outer packaging shall meet the labelling provisions in accordance with the rules on the transport of dangerous goods. Please refer to the example below.
  • In EU, outer packages may also be labelled according to GHS (This is mandatory for single packagings such as drum). Where the GHS hazard pictogram(s) relate to the same hazard as in the rules for the transport of dangerous goods, the hazard pictogram(s) required by this Regulation need not appear on the outer packaging.

GHS label template

GHS Labelling Examples

GHS Label Template Download

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