GHS Revision 7: What Changes to Expect and How to Download

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The UN GHS Purple Book is updated every two years. The 7th revised edition of GHS (GHS Rev 7) is published in July 2017. In Feb 2017, the Committee of Experts on TDG and GHS of the UNECE already published a separate report on the agreed amendments to the 6th revised edition of GHS (GHS rev 6). In this article, we will summarize the main changes in GHS revision 7 and how to download it. 

Main Changes in GHS Revision 7

The main changes to be included in GHS Rev 7 are listed as follows:

  • The definitions of “Skin corrosion”, “Skin irritation”, “Serious eye damage”, “Eye irritation”, “Dermal corrosion” , “Dermal irritation”, “Respiratory sensitizer”, “Specific target organ toxicity”, “Reproductive toxicity”, “Carcinogenicity” are slightly updated.  
  • The criteria for the categorisation of flammable gases will be updated. Both pyrophoric gases and chemically unstable gases will also meet the classification criteria of flammable gases category 1A (see picture 1). 2 hazard statements will be assigned to pyrophoric gases and chemically unstable gases category 1A/1B.
  • A new precautionary statement P503 Refer to manufacturer/supplier/… for information on disposal/recovery/recycling is added for some explosives. Other precautionary statements are  rationalized in Annex 3.
  •  A new example for fold-out labels for small containers is added (see picture 2). It shows you what info needs to appear on front page and pages inside.

GHS Revision 7 Changes

GHS Rev 7 Fold-out Label

How to Get GHS Rev 7

The electronic version of GHS revision 7 in English is free of charge. If you wish to download it, please click this link.

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What Is New?

Sept 2017: We are pleased to announce that we have launched a free tool called hazard statement and signal word finder to allow you quickly search a hazard statement and signal word online based on GHS hazard classification and H code.

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