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GHS Rev 6: Changes and Free Download

By Little Pro on 2016-01-07 Views:  Update:2018-02-09

The UN GHS Purple Book is updated every two years. The 6th revised edition of GHS (GHS Rev 6) was issued in 2015. In 2015, the Committee of Experts on TDG and GHS of the UNECE also published a separate report on the agreed amendments to the 5th revised edition of GHS (GHS rev 5).

The report summarizes the main changes in GHS Rev 6 and those changes include:

  • A new hazard class will be introduced: Desensitized explosives(in 4 sub-categories); there will be 17 physical hazard classes in GHS Revision 6;
  • A sub-hazard category will be introduced for flammable gases: Pyrophoric gas;
  • New hazard statements and precuationary statements have been assigned for the new hazard class and hazard category (please refer to the picture below);
  • A new example is given for the GHS labelling of small packages.

GHS Rev 6 Changes

Download GHS Rev 6


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