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Brazil has already adopted GHS for industrial chemicals at workplace since 2010. Brazilian standards ABNT NRB 14725 (consisting of 4 parts) have set detailed rules for chemical classification, labelling and safety data sheets. More info about GHS in Brazil can be found in the table below:

Laws & Regulations
  • ABNT NRB 14725-1: 2009 - scope & terminology;
  • ABNT NRB 14725-2: 2009 - classification;
  • ABNT NRB 14725-3: 2012 - labelling;
  • ABNT NRB 14725-4: 2014 - safety data sheets;
Critical Dates
  • Substance: 2010;
  • Mixture: 1 June 2015;
  • Based on GHS rev. 3;
  • Refers to ABNT NRB 14725-2: 2009;
  • Has adopted all building blocks in UN GHS rev 3 such as flammable liquids category 4 and acute toxicity category 5.
  • Standard GHS labelling elements;
  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese;
  • International harmonized classifications (i.e, EU CLP annex VI) are accepted. 
  • Note: Chemicals that are not classified hazardous by GHS criteria have to bear simplified labelling containing the name of the chemicals and statements that they are not classified. 
Safety Data Sheet
  • Standard GHS safety data sheets;
  • Language: Brazilian Portuguese;
  • Trade secret info (i.e, substance name, exact concentration) can be omitted from an SDS. However, this must be stated in SDSs.

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