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UN Orange Book

Little Pro on 2016-01-07

The UN Orange Book means the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations, a guidance document developed by the United Nations to harmonize dangerous goods transport regulations. Most of dangerous goods regulations such as IMDG Code, IATA and other national regulations are developed based on the UN Orange Book. .

UN Orange Book

There are thousands of pages in the UN Orange Book. If you have no time to read every page, please read this quick TDG guide. It takes you less than 10 mins to get a quick overview of dangerous goods classification & labelling requirements.

Update History of the UN Orange Book and Download

The UN Orange Book is updated every two years and the latest version is the 19th revised edition released in 2015.

Important Notes to the UN Orange Book

The UN Orange Book is not a regulation and it is not legally binding in any country. Therefore, countries adopting the Model Regulations have to take basic provisions from the Orange Book and issue their own dangerous goods regulations or standards depending on the mode of transport. During this process, each country/region may have set extra dangerous goods transport and labelling requirements.

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