Russia National Existing Chemical Substance Inventory

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Russia is improving its national existing chemical substance inventory per its new technical regulation for chemical product safety issued in Oct 2016. Once the inventory is finalized, any new substances which are not listed on the inventory will require REACH-like notification before they can be placed on the market of Russian Federation.

Updates of Russia's National Chemical Inventory

The new national existing chemical inventory in Russia will be largely based on the Russian register of potentially hazardous chemicals and biological substances. The register is more than a list of existing chemical substances. It is a database containing data on properties of chemical substances and mixtures including information on prohibition, restriction or permission in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The current register contains about 10,560 substances which are placed on Russian market for the first time (updated on 5 Dec 2016) since 1992. You can search the register online by substance name, CAS number or EC number via the following link.

Since Russia's new technical regulation for chemical product safety will not come into force until 1 July 2021, companies have plenty of time to submit their chemical substances and mixtures  (hazardous and non-hazardous) to the Russian register to avoid more stringent new substance notification requirements in the future. In the register, mixture will be broken down to substances. 

Read more about Russia's new technical regulation for chemical product safety.

Current Status of Chemical Registration in Russia

In accordance with the Russian Federation Law No 52-FZ of 30/03/1999 on “Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being of the Population” and with the Government’s Decree about “State Registration of Potentially Hazardous Chemical and Biological Substances” No 869 of 12/11/1992, the Russian Federation has implemented a mandatory state registration of potentially hazardous chemical and biological substances since 1992. The authority responsible for the register is the Federal State-owned Establishment of Public Health (FSEH).

The state registration applies to individual potentially hazardous substances which are imported or produced in the Russian Federation for the first time. In general, all chemical substances are considered as potentially hazardous substances, and therefore are subject to registration. Excluded are pharmaceutical substances, pesticides and other chemicals which are subject to the control of separate regulations. 


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