Introduction to ChemSec Sin List

Little Pro on 2018-11-19

The SIN (Substitute It Now) List is a database developed by the non-profit organisation International Chemical Secretariat (ChemSec). It contains more than 900 chemical substances that have been identified by ChemSec as being SVHCs, based on the criteria defined within EU REACH regulation.

How to Search ChemSec SIN List

You may search the SIN List by CAS number, EC number, chemical name or by uses.

ChemSec Sin List

How to Download ChemSec SIN List

You may also download the complete SIN list of hazardous substances in excel format here.

How to Use ChemSec SIN List

The SIN List is not a regulatory list. It is used by industry to prioritize and identify hazardous chemicals for substitution. Some companies have added the SIN List to their own restricted substances list (RSL) and procurement requirements.

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