EU CosIng - The Official Cosmetic Ingredient Database in EU

Little Pro on 2018-05-07

CosIng is EU's official database for cosmetic ingredients. It has not only included cosmetic ingredients listed in previous inventory of cosmetic ingredients, but also included the latest list of banned/restricted cosmetic ingredients in EU.  You can quickly find one ingredient's INCI name or CAS no. You could also quickly check whether there are any restrictions for your cosmetic ingredients. In this article, we will show you how to search the EU CosIng with a few tips.

How to Access EU CosIng

EU CosIng is free of charge. You may access the database by clicking the picture below.

EU CosIng

How to Search EU CosIng

By default, you search "all" lists in scope (see picture below). However, you may also choose to search a specific list (i.e, the positive list of preservatives or colorants).

EU CosIng Search

Please note that the search is not exact search. If you search "ethanol", all ingredients with the name "ethanol" will appear (see picture below). 

CosIng Search

You can view more info about a specific substance or ingredient by clicking the blue link.


Tips to Search EU CosIng

  • Input full name or CAS no. to reduce the number of returned query results.
  • If you wish to download a specific list, please click here.

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