China IECIC - Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (2015)

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The latest version of the Inventory of Existing Cosmetic Ingredients in China (IECIC 2015) was issued by CFDA in 2015. It is a list of existing cosmetic ingredients that have already been used in cosmetics in China. Cosmetic ingredients which are not listed are regarded as new cosmetic ingredients. The new cosmetic ingredients must be approved by CFDA first before they can be used in cosmetics in China.

How to Search China IECIC 2015 and Notes

To search China IECIC 2015, please click the link below.


  • The inventory has only included INCI name. There is no chemical name or CAS no. You may find them in EU CosIng.
  • If a plant or plant extract is listed, extract from part of the plant is also regarded as listed. 
  • The use of sunscreen agents, preservatives, colorants, hair dyes and other restrictive ingredients included in IECIC 2015 should meet the requirements of Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics. The aforementioned ingredients which are not listed in IECIC 2015 but included in Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics are also treated as existing cosmetic ingredients. 

How to Comply with Cosmetics Regulations in China

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