GHS in Indonesia

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Indonesia has adopted GHS for both industrial chemicals and pesticides since 2010. More info about GHS in Indonesia can be found in the table below:

Laws & Regulations
  • Decree of Minister of Industry No. 87/M-IND/PER/9/2009 concerning Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
  • Decree of Minister of Industry No. 23/M-IND/PER/4/2013 concerning the Revision of 87/M-IND/PER/9/2009
  • Decree of Director General of Agrochemical No. 21/IAK/PER/4/2010 regarding Technical Training of GHS Implementation for Classification and Labelling on Chemicals
Critical Dates
  • Substance: 24 March 2010;
  • Mixture: 31 Dec 2016;
  • Based on GHS rev. 4;
  • Standard GHS labelling elements;
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesian which may be accompanied by other UN languages (i.e., English);
Safety Data Sheet
  • Standard GHS safety data sheets;
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesian which may be accompanied by other UN languages;
  • SDSs must be reviewed every 5 years.

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