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China GHS Standard: GB/T 16483-2008 Safety data sheet for chemical products: Content and order of sections

Little Pro on 2015-12-30

In China, the most important standards specifying the content and format of SDSs in China are GB/T 16483-2008 safety data sheet for chemical products: content and order of sections issued in 2008 and GB/T 17519-2013 Guidance on the compilation of safety data sheet for chemical products issued in 2013. GB/T 16483-2008 specifies the basic content and order of 16 sections in Chinese SDSs while GB/T 17519-2013 provides detailed guidelines on how each section should be compiled in China.

  • Product identification: Consistent with names on label;
  • Composition information: Hazardous ingredients displayed in a descending order based on concentration or concentration ranges;
  • 24h emergency telephone number: Required;
  • Language: Must be prepared in simplified Chinese.

Information Disclosure in SDSs

Both GB 15258-2009 and GB/T 17519-2013 have given clear guidance on information disclosure on labels and in SDSs. Hazardous ingredients contributing to the classification of a substance or mixture and their concentration or concentration ranges shall be disclosed. Generic names are acceptable.

For trade secret ingredients, real substance names and CAS numbers can be hidden. However, hazards shall be fully disclosed.

Other Important GHS Standards

Safety Data Sheets


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