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Limited Quantities and Excepted Quantities

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Selected dangerous goods packed in small quantities (limited quantity) or very small volumes (excepted quantity) pose a lesser risk in transport than do the same goods packed in larger volumes. Thus they qualify for some relief from robust packaging requirements provided that they are packed and marked properly. This could save considerable packaging costs.

Definition of Limited Quantity and Excepted Quantity and How to Find Them

The limited quantity is the maximum quantity per inner packaging or article for transporting dangerous goods as limited quantities. It can be found in the column 7a of Dangerous Goods List. In the example below, the limited quantity for antimony compounds is 5kg per inner packaging. 

dangerous goods list

The excepted quantity is the maximum quantity per inner and outer packaging for transporting dangerous goods as excepted quantities. The quantity limit can be found in the column 7b of the Dangerous Goods List. 7b does not directly list the max quantity per inner and outer packaging. Instead, 7b gives various E codes (E0~E5). By refering to the table below, you can find out allowed excepted quantity.

excepted quantity

Limitations and Labelling Requirements for Dangerous Goods Transported in Limited Quantities or Excepted Quantities

Even for dangerous goods transported in limited quantities or excepted quantities, there are some packaging and labelling requirements you need to follow:

Limited Quantities
  • Goods must be carried in small containers (e.g., bottles), which are then packed in boxes or on shrink-wrapped trays;
  • Packages must pass certain performance tests requirements (less stringent than UN-approved packages);
  • The maximum gross weight is 30 kgs for boxes or 20kgs for shrink-wrapped trays;
  • Outer packages must bear limited quantities mark(see picture below) and hazard symbols;
  • Dangerous goods transported in limited quantities must be communicated in a shipping document.
Excepted Quantities
  • UN-approved packages are not required;
  • Dangerous goods hazard symbols are not required;
  • Packages must pass drop tests and stacking tests;
  • Total number of packages carried on any one cargo transport unit shall not exceed 1000;
  • Outer package must bear excepted quantities mark;
  • A statement "Dangerous Goods in Excepted Quantities" and number of packages shall be included in a shipping document.

Limited Quantities and Excepted Quantities Marking

limited quantities

Note: Some national regulations do not contain limited quantity and excepted quantity provisions.

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