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GHS in Other Countries

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This is a summary of GHS implementation in Hong Kong, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Argetina, Mexico and other countries (updated in June 2015).

GHS in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has not adopted GHS yet. However, GHS-format labels and GHS safety data sheets in English are accepted in Hong Kong.

GHS in Israel

Israel is planning a compulsory GHS adoption. The final date has not been determined. Israel Mandatory Standard SI 2302 part 1 - UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) was released in 2013 for public comments. Currently, GHS-format safety data sheets and labels prepared in Hebrew are accepted in Israel.

GHS in Russia

GHS is adopted by Russia on a voluntary basis. No deadline has been set for compulsory GHS adoption. Russian SDS & labelling standard GOST 31340-2013 is aligned with UN GHS rev. 4. This standard came into force on 1 Aug 2014. More info can be found here.

GHS in South Africa

GHS is adopted by South Africa on a voluntary basis. No accurate deadline has been set for compulsory GHS adoption. South African national standard SANS 101234 has set detailed rules for classificaiton, labelling and safety data sheets. Read more...

GHS in Argentina

Argentina has adopted UN GHS Rev. 5 by updating the following 2 standards:

  • IRAM 41400-2006: Chemical Products SDS Contents and Order of Sections (updated in 2013)
  • IRAM 41401: Chemical Product Labelling (updated in 2014)

The resolution 3359/2015 of October 1, 2015, has extended GHS implementation date for substances to April 15, 2016 and the implementation date for mixtures to January 1, 2017.

GHS in Mexico

Mexico has published NOM-018-STPS-2015 Harmonized system for the identification and communication of hazards and risks from hazardous chemicals in the workplace on 8 Oct 2015. NOM-018-STPS-2015 is based on GHS rev. 5 and will fully come into force on 8 Oct 2018. During transitional period, companies can voluntarily prepare safety data sheets and labels according to GHS in Spanish.

NOM-018-STPS-2015 can be downloaded here.

GHS in India

India has not adopted GHS yet.

GHS in Pakistan

Pakistan has not adopted GHS yet.

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