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Consolidated List of MOH Approved Food Contact Additives in China

Little Pro on 2018-08-03

In China, new food contact additives or new uses which are not included in GB 9685-2016 must be approved by the National Health Commission (previously known as the Ministry of Health, MOH) first before they can be used to produce certain types of food contact materials and articles. The National Health Commission has already approved dozens of food contact additives and new uses since GB 9685 was issued in 2016. Those approved food contact additives can also be used in the manufacture of food contact materials in China. In this article, we will share with you how to find those approved food contact additives and resins.

List of Approved Food Contact Additives

The names, CAS no. and use scope of approved food contact additives can be found in MOH's public notice. The approval notice also includes requirements on maximum use, SML and other restriction conditions. 

To access all approval notices since 2016, please click the link below. The notices are available in Chinese only. 

Notice No. No. of Substances 

















Example of MOH Approval Notice

The table below is an example of MOH's approval notice. 

Notice No. Substance Approval Type

Homopolymers of distillates (petroleum), C3-6, piperylene-rich (C5) and copolymers with one or more of the following: isobutylene (C4), styrene, and alpha-methylstyrene

  • Approved use: adhesives
  • SML(Alpha-Methylstyrene): 0.05mg/kg
  • No direct contact with food. Use temperature not exceeding 100 celcius degrees
 New additive

3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (CAS 919-30-2)

  • Approved use: PA
  • Max use: 0.0145%
  • SML: 0.05mg/kg
  • Use temperature not exceeding 135 celcius degrees
 New use

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