Annex VI to CLP: List of Harmonised Classification and Labelling for Certain Hazardous Substances

Mamta Patel on 2016-01-12

Annex VI to the CLP Regulation contains a list of harmonized classification and labelling for around 7,000 hazardous substances. It is mandatory for the suppliers of the respective substances or mixture to apply harmonized classification and labelling to prepare GHS labels and safety data sheets.

How to Search Annex VI to CLP

Compulsory GHS classifications in the annex VI are available for search from ECHA's classification &labelling inventory (C&L Inventory).

If you search ethanol (CAS 64-17-5), the following screenshot will pop up with harmonized classification for ethanol:

annex VI harmonized classification and labelling

Please note that C&L Inventory also contains other non-harmonised classification and labelling information submitted by companies themselves. Caution shall be taken when using those non-harmonized classifications. 

How to Download Annex VI Classification in Excel Table

Click here to download. It includes updated harmonized classification and labellings. 

Important Info When Using Harmonised Classification and Labelling

There are also a few very important factors to consider when using the compulsory classifications in the annex VI to CLP regulation:

  • For certain hazard classes, including acute toxicity and STOT repeated exposure, the classification in the Annex shall be considered as a minimum classification;
  • If a manufacturer or importer has access to data or other information that lead to classification in a more severe category compared to the minimum classification. Classification in the more severe category must then be applied;
  • For some entries (indicated by the reference ****), harmonized classification has not included physical hazards due to insufficient data. In this case, the correct classification for physical hazards shall be confirmed by testing;
  • Please do read notes (i.e., A, B, H) for each entry which contain conditions for the harmonized classifications to apply;

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