GHS Implementation in Switzerland

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The Swiss Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO) has already adopted GHS by requiring suppliers to classify, label and package hazardous substances and preparations in accordance with EU CLP Regulation. In the meantime, manufacturers and importers are required to notify the classification and labelling info of hazardous substances (including <1t/y new substances and exempt new substances) and preparations to the Swiss authority within 3 months after first placing them on the Swiss market.

Critical Dates

  • 1 Dec 2012;
  • 1 June 2015
  • Mixtures labelled before this date can be sold until 1 June 2017.

Classification & Building Blocks

  • Consistent with EU CLP regulation;
  • Also includes compulsory GHS classification list from the annex VI of CLP;

Labelling Requirements

  • Languages: must be written in at least two official languages (German, French or Italian);
  • Labelling requirements consistent with EU CLP regulation;
  • May request for the use of one language for GHS label for small packages;
  • Confidential info: must submit a request for the use of an alternative name;
  • Special labelling provisions similar to EU CLP regulation;
  • Optional labelling for the indications of dangers for the environment (Please refer to the picture below)

Swiss GHS label

Safety Data Sheets

  • Format and content consistent with the annex II of EU REACH RegulationEU REACH regulation;
  • Exposure Scenarios also required for >=10t/y hazardous substances;
  • Language: must be supplied in at least two official languages.

Notification of Classification and Labelling (Registration)

ChemO requires that manufacturers or importers register certain hazardous substances or preparations with the Notification Authority within 3 months after first placing them on the Swiss market. For more info about registration requirements and exemptions, please refer to Chemical Registration under ChemO.

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